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  • 17 October, 2009

New AndroidStory Database

We are getting ready to migrate our data to the new database for the next generation of AndroidStory and we are trying real hard to make sure the features are as complete as possible for each release.

The AndroidStory database is only as useful as the information that it contains and we try our hardest to keep it up to date for the developers we have.

If you see a ROM or Theme in our database that has missing features and you have any way of contacting the developer who created it, please try and contact them and persuade them update their features.

We are monitoring all the forums trying to work out which features are supports by which ROMs but it’s real hard to find some of the info.

Also, If you’d like to help out getting everything up to date that would also be cool.

Drop us an email at admin@androidstory.com

Thanks for all your support
AndroidStory Administrators