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  • 20 February, 2010

New AndroidStory site layout. More Ads. Why?

As you’ve probably noticed, we have re-design the site to include more Ads on the opening page of the site.  This was not a decision that we made lightly but we have a lot of increasing costs to keep the site running.

We transfer over 7 Terabytes of data a month and that’s increasing rapidly.  We also have an increasing user base that has already been causing some server load issues.  To keep providing our services to the developers and the community we have to cover our costs.  We are also migrating to a dedicated server with redundancy and all the features required to run a site like AndroidStory, and keep it reliable for our users.

Additionally, we have a growing team of writers and even though the whole team is writing for AndroidStory on a volunteer basis, I’d prefer to able to give back to that team for their dedication.

We don’t get donations and we don’t even have a link for donations anymore so we have to cover our costs somewhere.

So over the next few weeks we will be tweaking the site to try and find a balance between the annoyance of Ads and the quality of service we can provide.

Please be patient while we work though this, but this is helping us provide a better service to the Android community.

How much do the Ads really distract from the content and the services we provide?
We really do appreciate your feedback, so let us now in the comments?

Thanks for all your support.
The AndroiSPIN team