Nexus 2 releases in June on Verizon Wireless

I’ve been pondering this news throughout the day wondering if someone is just playing us for a fool, or someone who really has some inside knowledge sent us some real exclusive news.

People have speculated about a possible Nexus with a keyboard for business, but all it has ever been is speculation and nothing more.

We received this one line anonymous email today saying:

“nexus 2 releases in june. main carrier will be verizon wireless”

That’s all it said. Who knows if it’s something to get excited about or not. Who knows if the Nexus 2 is even in development. I decided to share this email anyways, and maybe you guys will shoot me down for posting it, but what if it is true? What if the HTC Nexus 2 really exists?

If you hear anything or your the person who sent us the email, please give us some more info… PLEASE..