Nexus coming Jan 5th to those lucky enough

We’ve long heard the rumors that Google is going to directly market the Nexus One to consumers. It’s still unclear if this means they are going to try to reach the broad consumer market or if they are focused on developers selling it as they did the G1 as the Dev Phone 1.

What we are hearing is that initially sales will be by invitation only, with the folks at Mountain View controlling access. We have no details on how one gets an invite but will keep our ears to the ground. It seems likely that registered developers would get the first crack at it, but there is no confirmation on that point.

What does seem clear is that the Nexus One, with it’s 1Ghz processor and 512MB of RAM is the phone to beat at this point. Demand is sure to be high, even for a phone that is launching just after the busy holiday season.