Nexus One coming to UK via Vodafone?

Nexus One

T- Mobile USA was the first mobile carrier to launch the Nexus One. And rumor has it that the CDMA version of Nexus One is coming to Verizon March 23rd. And now it looks like the Nexus One is going international. has reported that the Nexus One will be launching in the UK via Vodafone, and of course, on sale through only. The British news site hasn’t named actual sources but says that those close to both companies have confirmed an April launch. As you guys may know, Vodafone owns 45% of Verizon Wireless. So it would seem only right that if Verizon launches the N1, Vodafone will soon launch it as well. It’s also been said Vodaphone will offer the handset for only €200 on a 2 year contract.

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