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  • 2 February, 2010

Nexus One Getting Phone Support?

A job posting on the google jobs website may be leading toward a phone support line for the nexus one.
nexus phone support

The job calls for:

  • Lead Google’s direct relationships with one-on-one support vendors to drive a successful customer experience for direct-to-consumer Android customers.
  • Define and implement scalable business practices that leverage our internal best practices in one-to-many support to create efficiencies in high-touch support activities through channels such as phone and chat.
  • Play a central role in helping the team build success metrics, reports, and infrastructure tools.
  • Establish and manage to defined service level requirements to ensure vendors are meeting contractual requirements and customers are receiving target service levels and establish and manage training program for support representatives.
  • Work with internal resources to provide escalation resolution for dissatisfied customers.

This would be a big step in providing the support needed when you run a company as large as Google. Forums are not enough most people like to talk to someone instead of posting and waiting for hours or sometimes for no reply at all.

Source: Google