Nexus One in Linpack Top 10…all in the name of science


@kmobs is one bad mutha…shut yo mouth! Thanks to his kernel and some stupidly brave souls, @WootRoot, @TheDudesAndroid and @Acsteffy87, the Nexus One has made it to the top 10 in Linpack results.

10. thedude 22.186 Nexus One/ cm50b3/kmobs kernel

1267.2MHz google/passion/passion/mahimahi:2.1/ERD79/22607:user/release-keys/kmobs

With a MFLOP/s result of 22.186 and overclocked to 1267.2MHz, @TheDudesAndroid’s Nexus One is now the 10th fastest device on the charts. His “JesusONE” is the only Nexus that was able to overclock this high. There is no explanation as to why yet. Is anyone still questioning the potential of Android?

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Linpack benchmarks are a measure of a system’s floating point computer power or in layman’s terms, performance. The higher the number, the better. This test has been used for years on computers to rate the Top 500 fastest computers in the world. For Android, it is used to test performance of phones against others using a standard linear algebra calculation. Although, since Android uses a Dalvik VM to interpret Java code at run time rather than during native execution, the Linpack results are more a test of the VM’s performance and not so much the CPU.

@kmobs is literally pushing the Nexus to her limits with his kernel work. And even though I really don’t want to see a Nexus One fry, I can’t wait to see what he does next. And for the “special” guys who are willing to sacrifice their Nexys in the name of science, What the @#$* are you thinking?! 😉 Follow the guys on Twitter to see what they do next.

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Source: @ChrisSoyars, Greene Computing