Ode to a G1

I knew about you long before I held you in my hand. There is no denying that I was intrigued. I’ve had smartphones before, but your OS was new and different, a breath of fresh air in a stagnant world. I was nervous to take the leap though, I had heard things that made me unsure if I wanted to commit. Rumors that you were unstable, flaky, that you couldn’t handle heavy use and was know to fall apart. Unfortunately, it did have an effect on me, and I stayed away longer than I should have. The rumors weren’t true of course, but how could I have known that? When the day came for me to choose a new device, I decided to take that leap and get you.

You’ve been my constant companion, never failing to amuse me or give me any needed information. You been a light when it was dark and a beacon alerting me to important news.  I can’t even start to list all the times your efforts have made my life easier. But things haven’t been easy for you these days; life in your world moves much faster and many people, myself included,  feel you often get left out.   Some view you as an antique compared to the new ones, I prefer to say seasoned.  What you might lack in capability, you more than make up for in stability, not to mention your affinity for being more flexible and creative than others like you.

I do get a little sad that you won’t be around forever, and I can’t deny the day will come when you simply can’t keep up or be able to do what I need you to. I admit I’ll be excited to get my hands on a shiny new device, but you can take comfort knowing that I would never be where I am today if it wasn’t for you, the one that started it all.

Happy Valentine’s Day! What’s special to you, Android or otherwise?