On Nexus One day today, will Google surprise us with an Android Tablet?

Nexus One
The worst kept secret (non-secret) in technology is that the Google-HTC Nexus One is going to be formally introduced later today at a press event at Google’s Mountain View headquarters. Danny will be there to live blog it.
But we already know the Nexus One very well and it has been written about even informally reviewed several times. There’s not that much left to say about it. So there must be something else going on tomorrow right? I mean, Google had to be aware that when it gave out hundreds of these phones to employees (and a few others) it would get this kind of exposure.
Today Google will undoubtedly present lots of statistics about Android’s impressive growth over the past year. Hardware counter Gartner has predicted that Android will be the second-largest smartphone operating system by unit sales, beating out the iPhone, but behind Nokia’s now-fading Symbian by 2012.
In the whole Android vs. iPhone frenzy that has captured the attention and imagination of tech bloggers and the mainstream press, what has largely been neglected is how Android is competing (so far successfully) with Windows Mobile, against which it’s more directly positioned.
Back to the event. There’s new speculation that we may see discussion or announcement of a Google-HTC Android tablet collaboration (ahead of the anticipated Apple iSlate/iPad/tablet). The Nexus One was a collaboration between the two companies, as was the original Android handset the G1.
There’s other speculation that Google might offer its own SIM card for Europe and elsewhere outside the US. I don’t think that will happen short term, but Google is moving toward carrier-like offerings (via Google Voice).
I’m eager to see if there are any such surprises that come out of today’s announcements, aren’t you?