“OpenEclair” coming to a device near you

Chris Soyars (ctso) is attempting to put together a team of developers from the community to work on a new Eclair ROM called OpenEclair.  A download is already available currently based off ctso’s Intension v1.4.0 ROM.  The ROM already has the addition of an online updater based off the CyanogenMOD updater open source code.

The goal of OpenEclair is to bring to the community a fast and stable Eclair 2.1 ROM, with contributions from numerous ROM developers

It’s been tried before and always seems to fail for some reason.  We wish him the best of luck and hope to see some progress from this team in the near future.

Chris is also heading up the Community Updater initiative to create a single Android Updater application that will use the AndroidStory release database allowing you to list and update any ROM  or Theme on your device.

Let us know what you think about having a community Elcair ROM in the comments below.

Head over to XDA and give the team your support.