OpenEclair Now in the AndroidStory Release DB!

OpenEclair and the members of the OpenTeam have now setup the releases in the AndroidStory database.  Version 1.0 is now available and an update is expected real soon according to Chris and Wes.  We are all very excited to be involved in this project and hope that more and more developers will join as this moves forward.


Known Issues / Pending Enhancements

– YouTube – We don`t have hardware acceleration yet, anything video related is going to be choppy at best.
– Defect: Insufficient Storage errors when installing applications. (Issue 4)
– Defect: Desk Clock – Music button does not work. (Issue 9)

– Enhancement: Remove requirement for DeathSPL/DangerSPL (Issue 10)
– Enhancement: No Swap – Will look into adding a file-based swap option.
– Enhancement: Add additional locales (Issue 16)

Change Log

OpenEclair – v1.0 – 01/28/2010
– Initial release based on Intension v1.4.0.

Head over to the OpenTeam’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and the fastest downloads around.