OpenEclair: The Community Driven Eclair ROM for Everyone!

ctso is trying to change the way the developer’s of the community approach the development and release of ROMs, and it’s for the better.  The OpenEclair thread over on XDA is looking nice and organized, but that’s only the front end we see.  Let’s hope that ctso and the rest of developer’s already on board are being as organized in the background.

The current team as it stands today is a great start  and includes:

Developer – ctso – Twitter
Developer – wesgarner – Twitter
Developer – benbuchacher – Twitter
Developer – jubeh

Forum Support – zeppelin481 – Twitter
Forum Support – zimphishmonger – Twitter

I really hope more and more developer’s in the community adopt this approach soon.  The number of custom ROMs appearing is getting crazy.  Everyone is releasing new work and they all have the same flaw’s and a few little tweaks here and there but they are almost the same.  The collective minds of these developers could change that, as long as they can work together in peace and have the same direction in mind!

I have already seen some releases from members of the team that say they are OpenEclair or beta releases of new techniques they are trying.  To me, this is already confusing the situation. If you’re going to do something under the OpenEclair umbrella then do it as OpenEclair, not as your own ROM with bits of OpenEclair.  This is just another release to find, install and manage and confuses people. Start a Beta or Experimental thread in the forums under the OpenEclair name, just keep it consistent.

With this initiative and the creation of a common updater application for Android devices, the community could become a better place once more and make it much much easier for the users to download and install custom ROMs.

What are your thoughts on the community creating an Open Release that all developers can work on and contribute to? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.