OpenEclair Version 1.1 STABLE Released

OpenEclair Version 1.1 STABLE is out and ready for download.  Most if not all of the major bugs have been worked out and I can say that it seems fast during my initial testing.

Change Log
OpenEclair – v1.1-STABLE – 02/01/2010
– New Apps2SD (disables Apps2SD on MT3G)
– Added Passion Google Apps
– Fixed “insufficient storage” issue.
– Switched to WG-Kernel
– Optimized Launcher (thanks dumbbestcrayon)
– Fixed Music button on Desk Clock
– Removed DangerSPL requirement
– Added Swap settings to SpareParts
– Default compcache size set to 32MB
– Fixed keystore errors.
– Added rwsystem/rosystem
– Fixed “pm: not found” errors.
– Complete recompile from AOSP/Cyanogen
– Removed CM Updater (will be added again in a future release)

Head over to the OpenTeam’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and the fastest downloads around.