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  • 12 December, 2009

Opera Mini 5 Coming to Android

Opera Mini 5 is coming to android and it would appear that it’s arriving before the much anticipated Opera 10 that will only be available to handset manufacturers who implement special features in their phones to support opera.  This apparently means it can’t just be installed as a regular application.
Opera list some of the main features of the new Opera Mini 5 to be:
– Innovative and easy-to-use
– Faster
– Full Web in your palm
– Page zoom
– Built for speed
– Speed Dial
– Mobile view
– Password Manager
– Tabbed browsing
– Power scrolling
– Touch and keypad
– Adaptive zoom
– Landscape mode
– To find out more details about these features, head over to the Opera Mini 5 Web site.
You can also find out more info in the “Opera Mini 5 Beta Reviewers Guide” video below: