Review of KiNgxKxKlair Eclair Hero Version 1.3

I have been looking forward to adding a new version of Hero based off of Éclair on my phone for a while. I decided to try KingKlicks latest ROM, can’t go wrong with that!

When I first booted on the phone, I had a few force closes. This wouldn’t discourage me just yet. After battling through the initial setup screens, and allowing the phone to settle a bit, things did pick up. There were a few more force closes, along with issues with a few apps downloaded from the Market too. Also, the battery doesn’t last me a full day. This is most likely due to me wanting to have everything sync on the phone (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Contacts, Emails etc).

What drew me into the Hero ROMs is the widgets made by HTC, all of which are included in this ROM.

It’s not yet up to KingKlick’s high standards, but it is definitely getting there; and I would imagine that we will get a very good version of this ROM in the near future. I will definitely be keeping my eye out for it. Expect another review when it does get released.

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I give this ROM an overall score of 2.5/5. Read the full review here to see why in more detail.