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  • 21 February, 2010

Review of OpenEclair v1.2.1 Stable

The OpenEclair team have released another great Eclair 2.1 ROM for the G1. In this version we have Live Wallpapers, most of which now load. There is also the great Voice Search and Voice Dialer from the Nexus One and a new and improved version of the home screen, along with the option to stick with the previous Home screen setup if you wish.
It’s a quick ROM, both to boot and to use and had a very impressive battery life under some pretty heavy usage, lasting a nice long day with around 40% battery left.

It is still not without some issues, but these are all minor. For example, a couple of the live wallpapers do still force close, and there is also a little lag from time to time.

This ROM was given an overall score of 4/5. Read the full review here to see why in more detail.