ROM Review – KiNgxKxlick Espresso 2.1 v1.3

Created By: KingKlick

Download: KingKlick’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage


If you like a darker scheme with prettied up icons, this is the ROM for you.  This Espresso replica has been customized to be used on other Android phones.  Its design seems to be pretty flawless and I am able to navigate and access every menu area within the framework thus far.  The screenshots should express this quite clearly.

Rating: 3 / 5


This is the best performing custom Espresso ROM out to date by far!  I was thoroughly impressed and was quite overwhelmed how well the contacts smoothly scrolled for me with over 200+ contacts.  Some of the previous ROMs I experienced where it was not a wise idea to sync my Facebook contacts while as in this ROM it handled it without question.  The dialer mode responds quickly as well when I input a digit or two to filter contacts.  Also, at times I did experience where the dialer was sluggish.  Also noticed is that the keyboard seems to work smoother (or so it seemed to me) when I disabled the default vibrate upon key press function for me.  The main icon menu seemed to be somewhat sluggish as well which could affect your decision upon using this ROM on a daily basis.  My advice, wait for everything to load and once you’ve been using your phone for 30 seconds, it seems to perform much better.  Advanced Task Killer is highly recommended in using with this ROM.

Rating: 3 / 5


It is recommended that you format your external memory card and repartition with 128mb swap and 512mb ext2.  As you can see below in the screenshots, if you try doing too much in the ROM it will provide an error message.  I received both within a few minutes of each other as I was writing my review.  This does not mean I wouldn’t recommend in using this ROM on a daily basis.  I actually liked it so much that I plan on using it as my main ROM for a while and hopefully we can see an update to make it more stable from such crashes and have a fully working Video Player.  As for someone as myself, I enjoy watching movies on my G1 while at work and that’s just me.  Overall stability is good nonetheless, just don’t be clicking too fast going back and fourth on screens or rest assured to get a pop up.  Camera and bluetooth worked just fine.  Bottom line for force closes, don’t be doing daunting multitasking so much or you may end up with a force close session as personally experienced, such as with MMS, Rosie Utility, or HTC Sense UI.  As for applications that didn’t work for me: YouTube in HD, Video Player, and LukLuk.

Rating: 3 / 5

Test Specs:

Model Number:  T-Mobile G1

Firmware version:  2.1

Baseband version:

SPL version:  Haykuro’s (Death) SPL

Overall Rating: 3 / 5