Rumor: Verizon training employees on Nexus One?

We know the Nexus One is coming to Verizon Wireless but the question is when?

A couple weeks ago, we heard rumors and saw evidence that seemed to support the FCC approving a CDMA version of Nexus One that would be supported by VZW.

And last week, Neowin reported that Verizon will launch the Nexus One during the International CTIA wireless show in the US on March 23rd.

A few days ago,  BGR reported they received some rumor-filled emails from various customers and some rather knowledgeable reps. The emails state that Verizon has begun training some of its employees on an EV-DO variant of the Google Nexus One.  The rumors are of course 100% unconfirmed and we aren’t taking any of this to heart but we can still hope they’re true.

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Source: BGR