Sony Ericsson says X10 will ship with 1.6 but updates will follow

The Xperia X10 isn’t even out the door yet and already, Sony Ericsson is talking future OS upgrades.

Sumit Malhotra, announced in a lengthy blog post last week that the X10 will not be shipping with the Android 2.1 OS but rather with the 1.6 OS. He says that after many discussions regarding what consumers look for when they are going to purchase a new handset, Sony Ericsson came to the decision that the version of the OS is secondary to the overall UI package that SE offers. SE has combined Android with their own OS layer and refers to it as the Sony Ericsson User Experience Platform. Malhotra says SE will update the X10 to the newer versions of Android and the Sony Ericsson User Experience sometime after it’s launched. However, SE is confident that they can ship the X10 with their UI package and it will “still stand strong in comparison”.

Now, I love this phone. Absolutely love it. The X10 is sleek, sexy and personally, I think the X10’s aesthetics are second only to the Nexus One. I would love to have seen all of that combined with the beauty of 2.1 but I am curious to see what Sony Ericsson is so completely confident about. 😉

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Source: Sony Ericsson