Sprint shows love to the Nexus One!

Google-Nexus-One-Sprint CDMA

The Nexus One is really a beautiful handset. The phone so far seems to be a hot selling point for the current companies involved in selling the phone. The first US carrier to announce the Nexus One was the T-Mobile, and now the Nexus One is also compatible with AT&T (and the Rogers) networks. Soon, it will be available on Verizon. Now we have Sprint joining in on the Nexus One party. The rumor was confirmed true today when Sprint officially announced that “Google would launch a version of the Nexus One Android 2.1 smartphone compatible with its 3G Mobile Broadband Network”. So this will mean that the Google Nexus One will be available soon on all 4 Major US carriers. What does that mean to you? Well you don’t need to change your carrier to be a lucky owner of the Nexus One. The only bad news is that Sprint didn’t tell us when the handset will be available for sale. Regardless, the Nexus is still coming to Sprint, so get excited to get your hands on this hot piece of equipment.

Source: Unwired View