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  • 28 January, 2010

Step Aside Twidroid..There’s a New Twitter App in Town

I’ve been a constant twidroid user since I first got my G1.  Since then, there have been countless twitter apps showing up in the market like twitter-ride and Swift for Twitter.  None have come in comparison to the user friendly interface Twidroid PRO provides.  As an addicted twitter user, a good app is required.  Well, Tweet caster 1.0 available in the Android Market has made me turn my back on Twidroid.

The first thing that really attracted me to this app, was the layout.  Each tweet from a user is in it’s own bubble and fairly separated from one another.  Twidroid PRO was great, but one problem I had with it, was that users tweets blended together too much.  Other issues I had with Twidroid PRO were Sync related problems.  Tweets would not update as quickly as I would of liked them too. As I said, I’m a twitter addict, I need my news fed to me!  Especially if Twitter is one of the top new sources we have today.

Since I’ve been using Tweet Caster for Android, I’ve experienced constant updates, zero lag and a well designed interface.  It’s still no Tweet Deck, but it will do.  Tweet Caster is also packed with loads of settings.  One of them being theme option and color scheme.  You had that option with Twidroid PRO which is the paid version of Twidroid.  Tweet Caster is free of charge with the same settings and more enhanced.

It’s very simple to switch between profiles, reply’s and direct messages.  Checking the trends of the day is a breeze, and keeping your lists organized has never been easier in a twitter app.

Overall it’s a strong app with a lot going for it, and I’m excited for future updates.  Looks like Twidroid and I Tweet! need to step up the game for us twitter addicts.