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  • 2 February, 2010

Super D Continues to Impress.

Super D just keeps releasing goodies for all of us.  He just released V1.8, here’s what I think.  The one thing that makes Super D so popular is it’s speed, and it’s faster then ever.  It’s comes pre loaded with the 10 MB Ram hack which really boosts the performance.  There are a couple of different downloadable options.  Such as a Nexus themed launcher, or a black theme.  I personally like the classic white look.  Keep things simple.  1.8 comes preloaded with an updater, which I know is making a lot of users happy.  Including me.  It works just like the Cyanogen Updater, which you have to configure and set up the theme server to receive updates.  As amazing as this ROM is, I’d like to see some changes.  In the new 2.1 ROMS flying around, the Gmail app allows you to manage more then one account.  I found that feature very useful since I have several gmail accounts.  That’s something I would really like to see in the next Super D ROM.  I have been experiencing some bugs, mainly with Gtalk.  It will force close randomly about 4/10 times.  The keyboard will lag just a bit and once in a while the screen will just lock up.  Other then that this ROM is worth downloading, and in my opinion is one of the best ROMS out there now.  Be sure to follow Super D and always check out the new releases.

If you like their work, head over to the Xda page and buy them a beer!