Super D updated with ‘crack’

Benbuchacher has updated his Super D ROM to include some crack-like speed. Now at version 1.9.2 and titled ‘Donut on Crack,’ I am not sure what would come next… Nuke from Robocop 2 era Detroit? Who knows!

Link and more info after the jump.

[note: Super D also has its own Updater app…]

Download from his developer page here

I recommend a full wipe!
If you are going to post a problem…have a logcat!


If you dont have the DangerSPL
1.Flash Radio First -Follow instructions reboot
2.Flash SPL – Follow instructions reboot
3.Flash my rom

If you have the DangerSPL already
1. Flash my rom

-Full Swap and Compcache Control via Spare Parts
-Reboot Option
-Eclair Browser
-Eclair Alarm Clock
-Eclair Calculator
-Eclair Music App
-Eclair DeskClock
-Apps2sd Ext2 ,Ext3, Ext4
-Merged cyanogens framwork, libs , bin and etc into Super D`s… existing
-New boot screen
-Colored Notifications
-All apps are Zipaligned and Opt`d
-10 MB Ram Hack
-Internet Tethering
-other stuff