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  • 15 February, 2010

TAT Home: New Android Interface that is Looking Pretty Sweet

3d TAT Music WidgetSwedish based company TAT has pushed the bar a little further with a new Android interface. TAT reportedly worked with Google on the original UI that we all have come to know and love. The new interface is a gesture-powered 3D bliss of a Home screen for Android. New 3D widgets with gesture-based navigation and is said to work with all current Market offerings of widgets and apps.

Powered by TAT’s own Cascades Mobile UI rendering engine, gestures and response times look seamless in the demo. All widgets look to stay in a compact mode and smooth expand to full screen as needed.

More info with demo video after the jump.

With just a flick of a thumb, the widget fan lets you easily view and jump to any pane, including the application launcher. TAT claims that in just a couple days your muscle memory will have the UI ingrained in your brain and navigation will be “completely seamless.” TAT widgets can be 3D, take “multi-sensory input,” be surrounded by “particles,” or pretty much anything a developer can think of.

Outside of the new eye candy, there are a couple more neat treats. One I personally find appealing is the new faves block that works like Chrome’s new tab page. This auto-selects your most recent contacts and lets you pin and remove contacts to customize the selection. You can even set the alarm like a safe lock with the new clock widget. Check the demo video for some more awesome goodness. Let us know what you think in the comments.