The Incredible is coming!

Remember the HTC Incredible? HTC Incredible is the latest handset and it will be available soon on Verizon Wireless. The first pictures of the Incredible hit the web in the first week of February. Then we saw it rolling into Verizon’s inventory list. Two days later it appeared in a video running on the Verizon network. Soon after, another wave of HTC Incredible pictures hit the web. Then came the rumor that the Incredible will replace the Droid Eris on April 1st. A week ago, even more shots of HTC Incredible appeared, most interestingly with what some might call distinct Verizon branding. It is only natural that the hot topic on the web now is the Incredible’s anticipated debut on Verizon Wireless some time in the upcoming 2 weeks, given that there are only two weeks left till the end of March. Let’s just hope this whole thing is not some sort of bad April fool’s joke. With the Incredible rumor mill -forgive the play on words here- running hot and the Nexus One also slated for release on Verizon, what are your thoughts? Are you rooting for the “seasoned” contender, the Nexus One, or the newcomer, the HTC Incredible? Maybe even for a different phone all together? Share your thoughts on the matter!

Source: Engadget