Time to upgrade?

The increasing number of new phones running Android have lead us to a point where some apps require newer software and hardware in order to work correctly on your phone. For example, the new Urbanspoon app requires your phone be running 2.0 or later. There are ways around this such as, rooting your device and using a Eclair 2.0 ROM. And this will work for some apps, however, your hardware may not be able to handle it. Here is what’s posted on the Urbanspoon website:

The Urbanspoon Android app is now available for Droid and Nexus One phones! We’re excited about our Android app because:

  • The big screen lets us show lots of detail.
  • Search is right at the top, and works instantly.
  • Nearby restaurants and other goodies are in the menu.
  • Did we mention that it’s blazingly fast?


There are a few more apps that require 2.0 such as 3D games and live wallpapers. Are you going to upgrade? Do you think its worth a few apps? Tell us in the comment section.