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  • 28 November, 2009

tmack23’s MYHEROv1.5

A new Hero rom has surfaced. The rom had some stumbling blocks in the beginning, but it appears to be up and running on several android user’s phones. Early reports from users state bluetooth is not yet working. 

MYHERO1.5: Same things as 1.0

im one step closer to adding the new market
BT working 100% on my personal g1
added 300bfs with 10 mb RAM hack your choice, if you dont like it change it.
put back teeter causing flashing problems
Tell me if there are any problems at all and i will fix as soon as possible
if anybody has suggestions email me im new to posting threads
i appreciate all the help i can get!
ALL problems FIXED
*i am not responsible for any damages to your phone*
If anyone wants to theme it send me the link and ill put it on my thread thank you!

What you will need
Partitioned SD card class doesnt matter im running on class 2 and 4
Swap needs to be 64mb or higher

How to flash
wipe cache
wipe ext
repair ext
flash and its running

Head on over to the XDA thread to check out the latest release.