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  • 18 October, 2009

Twisted ZeroXd v6.19p

Twisted Umbrella has released ZeroXd v6.19p


Ver 6.19p

BFS 303 Kernel and Modules
Overclock should be set to minimum of 256 (if you use it)
I recommend SetCPU, as Kernel overclock isnt as configurable.
No Black screen or reboot issues yet.
Optimized all system apps that allow it.
Updated the bin / a2sd with some new changes.
Works on either device. G1 is all a2sd, MT3G is internal.
All my framework changes from previous versions.
Boot animation is more Android, less random cartoon.
Rosie and other apps are more Android, less cartoon.
Stock and Plurk completely removed (Available for download)
PC Sync is not included (Will add back in soon for download)
A lot of random stability and funstionality updates to system.
Can`t think of anything else right now.
Each version works off of the previous so it`s hard to remember.

More information and downloads can be found on TwistedUmbrella’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.