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  • 16 October, 2009

Twistedumbrella ZeroXd v6.18b

Twisted Umbrella has released ZeroXd v6.18b.

User.conf file can be found as system/bin/heroui.conf on any device.
No command needed for device identification. Faster boot (hopefully).
A reboot is no longer needed to use either device. This is all integrated.
Recommended not to overclock below 256, due to the black screen issue.
Compcache is enabled by default, current values were EXTENSIVELY tested.
Please do not contact me asking what values work or giving me others.
I spent 2 weeks changing values, testing, changing, testing. Both devices.

Changed some animations. A lot of new stuff in use from Cyanogen.
This is a very unthemed build. The lock screen and such are generic.
The boot animation is customized and will not port to other builds.

So much to do so little time, I do feel like the “white rabbit”

Now includes dynamic swap. Rewrote the method of apps to sd for myTouch.
Build will move system apps, user apps, and dalvik to sd on a g1 device.
Build will install completely internal if using the T-Mobile myTouch.
This is a completely new method of doing a merge build so bear with me.

Based on the System Image from Haykuro
Using the Kernel and modules from JacSki

More information and downloads can be found on TwistedUmbrella’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.