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  • 7 March, 2010

“Unofficial” Radio Update for G1\MT3G

T-Mobile is preparing to push a minor Android update (DMD64) to G1 and MT3G users in the near future (March 15th, according to the official sources). Although not the Eclair 2.1 update everyone has been hoping for, the update will

Improve G1 user’s call performance only and does not include any additional feature enhancements. The Android 1.6 DMD64 OTA (this OTA is not Android 2.0 Eclair) is being sent to G1 customers only and is not being sent to other Android devices at this time. myTouch 3G users have already received this update and myTouch 3G LE, as well as myTouch 3G with 3.5mm jack devices will not receive this update as these devices have the updated software.

Radio update.zip

Dream\G1 users: http://bit.ly/9jGe0X
Magic\MT3G users: http://bit.ly/9QgO7M

Based on my own experience with the update, I can certainly verify that there is an improvment in both call quality and reception. Many other users have also responded positively to the update on XDA( Link ).

Feel free to download the update, put it on the root of your SD card, and flash it in recovery mode. Make sure to allow the update to completely install, and reboot using the option in recovery mode (Do not use the power + menu + call method of rebooting as it will corrupt your radio image!)

Enjoy the improved call quality and reception!