Wes Garner’s WG-Build Y-2.6 – The Speeding Donut Released

For his final update to the donut based ROM’s, Wes Garner has finally released Y-2.6. This build is based off of Cyanogen’s builds, and using a custom kernal that Wes made from scratch. Next release will be based on Eclair.

WGBuild Y-2.6

* Updated to latest CM Build

* WG-Kernel v2.0 (See below – this is the best of the best for kernels)

* Removed: Automatic Backing-Swap if that partition is detected

—– Personally, I do NOT recommend a swap partition – in my experience it only slows down the phone

* MultiTouch working in the new Browser app and Gallery

* Fixed All ROMs WiFi/RHack/etc…

* Updated to Market 1660 plus themed

* Updated to Contacts.apk v2.8

* Dalvik-Cache wiped on FirstBoot to give a fresh start with the framework

* Stericson`s Lockscreen is now an incremental update (Yay!)

Data Sync Bug Fixed – Forever!

* Reverted Build Prop to fix connection problems

* Changed WiFi Scan rate to 2min instead of 45sec to save battery

* No Longer Requires Danger SPL

* Exclusive Latest BFS Kernel =P

* Tons more things – can`t keep up with..

Kernel Updates in Build Y-2.6:

WG-Kernel 2.0

* CFS/BFS Options & RHack/NoRhack Options

* SLOB Memory Allocator

* Preemptible RCU

* Group CPU Scheduling for FIFO Deadline (CFS-Only)

* Deadline I/O Scheduler (FIFO=1 in init.d)

* Longer Default Panic Timeout in case of major temporary slowdown (helps prevent random reboot)

* 5 Ticks per CPU Check for CPU Speed versus other dev`s default 1

* Latest SD Drivers from Cyanogen

WG-Kernel v1.0

* Swap-enabled (plus working CC)

* Deadline I/O Scheduler (FIFO=1)

* Setup Group Scheduler for Deadline (CFS-Only)

* Using Tree-based hierarchial RCU

* CPUFreq Setup (with 45% CPU upspeed threshold)

* Enabled Preemptible Kernel

* WLAN.ko is compiled with Kernel Modules

* USB Function has Ethernet Tether

* WiFi Tether Enabled

* No unneeded modules such as SquashFS, CramFS, HID-Dummy, etc etc etc

* IPV6 is included in kernel

* EXT3 runs on EXT4 Drivers, EXT2 runs on old drivers

* Disabled Kernel Debugging (for faster usage)

For more information, and links to the updates, head over to Wes Garner’s developer page