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  • 14 December, 2009

WesGarner releases WG-Build 9

WesGarner has released yet another update to his WG-Build ROM.


Build 9: AndroidStory
This version should take much longer than normal for boot

BFS with 10MB RAM Hack

Incremental updates/changes (selectable on link, run those updates AFTER the Base Build 9):
BFS without RAM Hack (for 3D Gamers)
CFS with RAM Hack
CFS without RAM Hack (for 3D Gamers)
Internation Maps Version

* Upgraded base to CM 4.2.8
* BFS seems very stable on the new kernel builds
* Updated SmartA2SD (G1 Users), System Dalvik-Cache will stay on data partition
—- If you install any themes or do a wipe, the ROM will do this fix automatically on boot
—- Much better speed for G1 users
* Includes Latest CompCache modules 
—- ramzswap.ko(by CM) and xvmalloc.ko(by me)
* Included AdvancedLauncher (Hero-Themed)
* Meltu’s Audiomod: v2r2
* Re-encoded all MP3/OGG ringtones/notifications to a lower bitrate MP3
—- Did some research and MP3 uses less CPU time than OGG
—- Hopefully, this will slightly improve Phone apk slow start time =)
* Switched to Contacts.apk (Eclair Backport by ChainsDD, one more try lol)
* Upgraded to Market 1.66 (Not the new 1.7, not able to yet..)
* Enabled Bouncing Menus (CM got annoyed by them and removed them)
* Added Build.prop adjustment for increased 3G speeds / EDGE 12 (one more try)
* My ZipAlign Script runs on firstboot again for system apps
—- I remember CM talking about the new installd where it doesn’t touch System Apps
—- Data App zipalign will perform during DexOpt (aka installation)
Thanks to ID# for some good ideas I implemented in this build



For more information, or to download the latest release, head over to  WesGarner’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.