WesGarner WG-Donut Y-2.6 OpenEclair Beta Released

WesGarner has released another update to his WG-DOnut ROM. WG-Build Y has been updated with more enhancements to make your experience even better.  The new build also includes some of the Beta code that is being used for the OpenEclair project

Now Active Issue Tracker: WG-Build and WG-Kernel Issues:
Build Y2-2.6: AndroidStory

CFS with 10MB RAM Hack
CFS without RAM Hack (for 3D Gamers)
BFS with RAM Hack
BFS without RAM Hack

PS: FirstBoot will be incredibly slow because it wipes the Dalvik-Cache on FirstBoot.. sorry it was a necessary evil
Special Thanks to the best donation so far! Skynet2Mainframe gave $30 – Thank you so much
Incremental updates/changes
Stericson’s Lockscreen
International GMaps
Advanced Launcher Replacement(Hero-Themed)
Application Fix instructions are below

* Updated to latest CM Build
* WG-Kernel v2.0 (See below – this is the best of the best for kernels)
* Removed: Automatic Backing-Swap if that partition is detected
Personally, I do NOT recommend a swap partition – in my experience it only slows down the phone
* MultiTouch working in the new Browser app and Gallery
* Fixed All ROMs WiFi/RHack/etc…
* Updated to Market 1660 plus themed
* Updated to Contacts.apk v2.8
* Dalvik-Cache wiped on FirstBoot to give a fresh start with the framework
* Stericson’s Lockscreen is now an incremental update (Yay!)
* Data Sync Bug Fixed – Forever!
* Reverted Build Prop to fix connection problems
* Changed WiFi Scan rate to 2min instead of 45sec to save battery
* No Longer Requires Danger SPL
* Exclusive Latest BFS Kernel =P
* Tons more things – can’t keep up with..

Kernel Updates in Build Y-2.6:
WG-Kernel 2.0
CFS/BFS Options & RHack/NoRhack Options
* SLOB Memory Allocator
* Preemptible RCU
* Group CPU Scheduling for FIFO Deadline (CFS-Only)
* Deadline I/O Scheduler (FIFO=1 in init.d)
* Longer Default Panic Timeout in case of major temporary slowdown (helps prevent random reboot)
* 5 Ticks per CPU Check for CPU Speed versus other dev’s default 1
* Latest SD Drivers from Cyanogen
WG-Kernel v1.0
* Swap-enabled (plus working CC)
* Deadline I/O Scheduler (FIFO=1)
* Setup Group Scheduler for Deadline (CFS-Only)
* Using Tree-based hierarchial RCU
* CPUFreq Setup (with 45% CPU upspeed threshold)
* Enabled Preemptible Kernel
* WLAN.ko is compiled with Kernel Modules
* USB Function has Ethernet Tether
* WiFi Tether Enabled
* No unneeded modules such as SquashFS, CramFS, HID-Dummy, etc etc etc
* IPV6 is included in kernel
* EXT3 runs on EXT4 Drivers, EXT2 runs on old drivers
* Disabled Kernel Debugging (for faster usage)

For more information, or to download the latest release, head over to  WesGarner’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.