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  • 1 April, 2010

Android will only ever be #2

I know yesterday I was talking about how I wasn’t ready to give up my G1, but things can change in a day.   After I got home from work a package as delivered, a belated gift from my dad. I excitedly opened it, thinking it could be a Nexus One. Even without a keyboard, a free phone is a free phone!

Imagine my disappointment to find……an iPhone.  But still, it was free and it grudgingly booted it up and tested a few things. And I have to say, it’s great. It’s really really great. I thought it would be on par or worse than Android, but it’s a million times better, here’s why:

  • Books- I can finally get eBooks on Amazon because they have an Apple app for that! I’ve already bought 15 books, and the .3″ increased screen size over the G1 makes it feel like I’m holding a real book.
  • GPS- I can’t find my way out of a wet paper bag; not only does the GPS tell me how to get to work, but I won’t have to charge it when I get there!
  • Music- Who needs to pick and choose songs when I can just carry my entire collection with me everywhere I go. Granted I may only listen to a song once, but I love the idea it’s there just in case.
  • Photos- Well, picture taking is about the same, but I’ve already spent $30 in photo manipulation apps. Check out me with my new phone! I love pink!
  • Calls- I love the crystal clear sound quality, though I’m a little worried about my trip to New York City this weekend, I’ve heard they have a problem with dropped calls. Oh well, at least I’ll fit in with my new phone.
  • Layout- You know, being able to put icons and widgets where ever I wanted was a huge hassle. It’s comforting to have a unyielding row of 4 x 5.
  • Options- Sometimes, there are just too many choices in life, and I like some control being taken away.
  • Accessories- It’s an iPhone world out there. Now I can get any media dock I want now because businesses assume I will have an iPhone, and now they’re right!

I’m sure by now you’re wondering why I’m still here if I’m not running Android anymore.  I’m going to stay on, working towards building a bridge between Android and iPhone owners. There is a lot of hostility that needs to be overcome. On a side note, does anyone wanted a used G1?