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  • 13 December, 2009

WesGarner WG-Build 8.5, Smarter, Faster…

WesGarner has released an update to his WG-Build ROM.

Build 8.5:
This version should take much longer than normal for boot

CFS with 10MB RAM Hack
BFS with 10MB RAM Hack (unstable)
CFS without RAM Hack (for 3D Gamers)
Internation Maps Version (CFS/10mb, listed in the description section)

* SmartA2SD (G1 Users), System Dalvik-Cache will stay on data partition
—- If you install any themes or do a wipe, the ROM will do this fix automatically on boot
—- Much better speed for G1 users
* Includes Latest CompCache modules
—- (xvmalloc.ko(by me) and ramzswap.ko(by Dwang) compiled from source)
* Switched to Contacts.apk (Donut with Contact Pictures by xenio2000)
* Revised the bootanimation (just looks better)
* Added Build.prop adjustment for increased 3G speeds
—- (Still EDGE-10 for stability of EDGE connections)
* ZipAlign runs on firstboot again for system apps (for people coming from other ROMs without wipe)
* Upgraded Fix_Permissions back to 2.03
—- Fix_Permissions no longer runs on boot – use it if needed
* Added scripts rwsystem/rosystem for easier system partition remounting
* Optimised ClearCache script
* Bug Fixes… lots that I can’t remember

Head over to WesGarner ‘s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.