780 Mhz Hack. It Gives Your G1 Wings.

Think there is nothing faster then Super D?  Try Super D on crack.  Thanks to @eugene373, a useful hack has been made to boost your mhz from 528 to 780mhz.  Like giving a G1 an IV of redbull, who could ask for more?

Here is the download link <href=>

There are  links for Super D hack and Fasttest hack.  It also works on OpenEclair 1.1.5 if anyone is running it.  Which I recommend using it on OpenEclair, since it needs a good speed boost.  The hack is simple.  Flash that .zip file after flashing Super D, fasttest, or OpenEclair.  Once it’s complete go into the market and download SetCPU.  It’s 99 cents, but it’s a worthy investment.  Open the app and scroll downto the last option and select.  You might get a force close, but just try it again.  It’s worth it in my opinion, however I don’t recommend going to 780 mhz.  Right now I’m running Super D v.18 at 650 over 128 and it’s running real smooth.

All they need to do now is make this hack for any Hero ROM and I’m sold!  Thanks Eugene for producing crack for our Android phones.

If you have any problems download this file

It’s a .txt file, just put it in the root of your SD card and then try running the SetCPU.  Good luck and enjoy =D

So be sure to thank Eugene via comments or his twitter page for his wonderful work for the community.