AHome Review – Short Term

I recently received a copy of AHome to test and see what I thought of it.

First impressions of it without a theme was a close replica to normal home with a lot of customization features:

  • Custom Fonts.
  • Downloadable Themes.
  • Icon Packs.
  • Change page dots to liking.
  • Many Many More.

Once I themed it with my new personal favorite “Nano” this really made my phone more enjoyable to look at and use.

One thing I really like about this app is the customization you can do to the drawer. Here’s a video of launching AHome and opening the app drawers.

The app drawer lets you choose for each one what kind of apps it will show. Here’s the options:

  • All Apps.
  • All Downloaded Widgets.
  • Recent Applications.
  • Running Applications.

There are many free and paid themes you can download via the AHome mAPPn Channel they can all be set by pressing the menu button with AHome open.

Overall this is a very clean and customizable home replacement, and at a good price $4.99. Anybody bored or tired of the normal Android home screen? And changing wallpapers won’t cut it? Then this is an app for you.

A long term review will come when I have fully tested out AHome.