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  • 29 November, 2009

Amon-RA Dream Recovery Image v1.4

Amon-RA has released an update to his recovery images for the HTC Dream and the HTC Magic taking the recovery image to version 1.4

Change Log

– Changed the item select key to CALL ANSWER-key instead of HOME-key. The HOME-key was conflicting other operations.
– Added a “Nandroid restore no recovery” option which allows you to restore a nandroid-backup without recovery (handy when you don’t want to overwrite your current recovery with an old nandroid backup recovery)
– Added “Other” sub-menu :
    – Moved “fix apk uid mismatches”-item from main menu to “Other” sub-menu.
    – Added “Move apps+dalv to SD”-item.
    – Added “Move recovery.log to SD”-item (Check this log if you want to see what is going wrong).
– Fixed the Nandroid restore menu; an error message is now displayed when no nandroid backup or device-id was found (instead of showing an empty menu).
– Removed flash submenu and “Apply sdcard:update.zip” item, because we already have “Apply sdcard:choose zip”.
– Removed “Wipe cache partition” item, wipe cache is already included in the “Wipe data/factory reset” item.
– Changed UMS-toggle enable behaviour; you can not access the menu while UMS is enabled (avoid mount issues).
– Changed some menu-item labels to make the options more clear.
– Fixed UMS-toggle disable behaviour; files are now refreshed in the menu (sdcard is unmounted).
– Updated the busybox binary to 1.15.2 which has fixes for ash and hush (`trap` handling), dd (fixed handling of I/O errors), find (fix for -follow and symlinks), pidof (corrected recognition of kernel thread names), sed (SEGV), uniq (memory leak), line editing (Ctrl-D works again), build system.
– The busybox binary was :
    – statically linked against uclibc (0.9.30)
    – configured to preferentially execute busybox applets
    – busybox –install -s installs links into /data/local/bin (JF patch)
    – mount looks for loop devices at /dev/block/loop (JF patch)
    – modprobe and family look for modules in /system/modules (JF patch)
    – fixed an issue with vi where it would save a file as just a blank file (JF patch)
– Compiled new kernel : RA-recovery-v1.0:
    – increased CONFIG_MSM_CPU_FREQ_ONDEMAND_MIN to 384000
    – enabled “Support for large block devices and files” to fix ext4 issues
    – removed Multimedia device drivers as they are not needed in recovery mode
    – removed Network File Systems as I don’t see the real need for that in recovery mode
    – applied mtd6 kernel patch from Cyanogen so splash1 and splash2 screens can be backed-up with nandroid.
    – added all modules to /lib/modules in ramdisk
– Updated sdparted script to v0.6

Head over to Amon-RA’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads.