And you said the U.S. was overpriced…

After a recent study done by the App Store analytics company Distimo, it has been determined that areas in the European zone (Austria, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands and Spain) tend to price their apps higher then other Android carrying regions (United Kingdom, the U.S. and Japan). The average price for an app published in Europe is $4.42, 49% higher than apps published in the U.S. ($2.96), with Japan at ($2.28), and the UK at ($3.31).

The numbers of publishers in each country are as follows:

  • United States: 65%
  • United Kingdom: 12%
  • European Zone: 20%
  • Japan: 3%

It’s easy to see why the number of publishers are that high in the United States, due to Android arriving first here. The European zone is high even though being some of the last to receive Android in their countries.

Any thoughts on the matter readers? Maybe a way to help fix the Android Market worldwide?