App Review: Twidroid

This is the first part in a series of application reviews, starting with the apps I have used on a day-to-day basis in the past year. Today, I’ll be reviewing Twidroid, an application made by a joint team, Zimmermann and Marban.

I’ll be covering the application’s basic functionality, how well it solves the problem it was set out to plug, the User Interface, and its Overall speed.

Basic Functionality and Solution – 4/5

Twidroid’s basic function is a Twitter client, allowing users to post Twitter updates. It has extended functionality, for example the ability to post to several accounts (meaning having both Business and personal accounts synced with one client), and multiple networks too. Twidroid can post to Twitter,, and recently Seesmic announced unofficial support to posting to Ping.FM (using the custom network prompt).

Having used Twidroid for around a year, I have become used to the often vibration as celebrities post their news and gossip. The application is (in my opinion) probably one of the best available at the moment on the Android Market, for the simple reason that it does what it has to, i.e. allow you to read tweets, and view pictures that are posted, without having too many advanced features that make a user confused.

User Interface – 3/5

Twidroid’s User Interface is basic, with the ability to change the colour of parts of it (there are several choices, like black, orange, and green). However, as an advanced technology geek, I’d rather expected to have some more choices for customisation, and therefore Twidroid slipped a little here.

Overall Speed – 4/5

Here is where Twidroid makes up for its UI slip. Twidroid is fast, and easy to use. It even checks for new tweets in the background, even if you are in a game, or reading the latest news in the Browser. This shows the true multi-tasking capabilities of Android, which is one of my most-anticipated abilities when I was ordering my phone.

Overall Score – 4/5

Twidroid does what it does well, and doesn’t shy away from a fight. Twidroid is a great application, and is definitely in the Top 5 of the Twitter applications available on the Android Market at the moment.

Twidroid is available through the Android Market, and more information about the application can be found at