BenBuchacher releases SuperD v1.10 for T-Mobile G1/T-Mobile MyTouch3G

BenBuchacher has release a new and majorly enhanced version of his SuperD ROM for the T-Mobile G1 / T-Mobile MyTouch3G.  Version 1.10 (which is a little confusing to me as the previous one was 1.9.3) has lots of new goodies for you to try out.

The latesest update is available in a selection of flavors: Black or white themed, Standard or Nexus styled launcher and with or without a the RAM Hack.

The main features listed are:

Full Swap and Compcache Control via Spare Parts
Reboot Option
Eclair Browser
Eclair Alarm Clock
Eclair Calculator
Eclair Music App
Eclair DeskClock
Apps2sd Ext2 ,Ext3, Ext4
New boot screen
Colored Notifications
All apps are Zipaligned and Opt’d
Internet Tethering
other stuff

The changes are very extensive and include:

-New Kernel
–Overclocked at 528/126 MHZ
–Kernel Debuging is off
-New Launcher
–Search Widget Placing is fixed
–Faster Scrolling
-New Phone.apk –Thanks to Eliot Stocker
–Push to answer buttons and contact photo
-New Music widget — Thanks to Eliot Stocker
–Displays Albumart and allows you to go backward. — Thanks to Eliot Stocker
-Spare Parts now in Settings –Thanks to Eliot Stocker
-Nexus Versions have new Nexus Launcher –Thanks to Anderweb
–Screen Preview and dots
-Many many many bugs fixed, including GTalk and services problems –Thanks to Cyanogen
-360 degree auto-orientation –Thanks to Optedoblivion
-Updated to latest AOSP code –Thanks To Cyanogen
-Lots of backported Eclair guts –Thanks To Cyanogen
-Fixed Busybox problems –Thanks To Cyanogen
-Improved performance –Thanks To Cyanogen
-OpenVPN integration –Thanks To Cyanogen
-Wifi can be enabled while in airplane mode now –Thanks To Cyanogen
-Should No Longer Requires Danger SPL- test it for me
-Must install the same way as Cyanogenmod, as Super D is now gone legal.

Head over to BenBuchachers AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more information and the usual high speed downloads.