Colorware Please Pimp My Nexus One!

Yo dawg Rayzibit here. I heard you got that new Nexus One phone and you’re tired of that plain old grey look. Well I’m here to pimp your phone. I’m thinking we go with a little red around the edge and blue in the back, kinda like a hot rod look and maybe some carbon fiber around the camera to give it that pop. Yeahhhh that sounds good. Now that I’m done with that, is now offering sales to Nexus One owners or soon to be Nexus One owners. With a wide variety of colors, and a wide variety of different styles of paint, you can make your phone something different. As you can see I chose the Envy Green/Carbon Fiber Black mix, but I decided to have a matching scheme going with my design. If you’re interested in a color that isn’t up on the site, you can pay $249 to have Colorware add your custom color to the phone.

Colorware uses a technique called X2 coating to paint the products. Let me explain for you how X2 coating works.

X2 is a scratch resistant liquid plastic coating that is applied as a final step in ColorWare’s proprietary coatings process. The X2 coating is applied to a product in a custom atmospheric chamber in its liquid form, and then cured with ultra violet light to achieve superior scratch resistance and clarity.

Now for those of you interested in ordering one, for $179 and about a week without your phone you can ship Colorware your phone and have them paint it. For those of you who don’t own a Nexus One and would like a colored one, you can dish out $800 for an unlocked Nexus One already colored.

For more info and to check out what colors/mixtures you can create, head over to