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  • 16 January, 2010

Could this mean war?

Year 2010 and we might have a war erupting that could affect us all! No, not the kind where people lose family and buildings are destroyed. But rather a kind that you and I can benefit from. I probably shouldn’t say war but definitely a competition to determine who will be wearing the crown. Google and Apple have been very close for a long time and now it seems  as things have twisted a hundred and eighty degrees.
Google is in the business for advertising and so far they are very good at it, maybe even the best. Apple is in the business for manufacturing computers and phones. And now they have crossed each others paths. With the latest release of “the Google phone”, it’s really posing a challenge to the iPhone. Sure it has it’s kinks but they have their foot in the door, more like they kicked that door in. Apple is getting into advertising. You do the math.
So who gets to wear the crown? Time will definitely tell but here are some things to think about to help you make up your mind.
-iTunes (giant app, music, video, game, etc. store)
-iPhone (some love it, some hate it, but everyone knows what it is)
-Strict development regulations (good: more stable system since everything is approved by Apple, bad: pushing developers away)
-Market (not giant but growing due to the developers’ interest)
-Android is present on many different phones made by many different companies(you don’t have to buy a particular phone to have the android OS, means more options in hardware, means more people using Google)
-Open development (once again its good and bad, but developers seem to be attracted by this so the market is catching up to Apples iTunes)
They are both great companies and both are huge players in this game, whatever the outcome of this competition would be, we (consumers) benefit from it.