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  • 16 August, 2009

Cyanogen – Global search comes to the masses!

Cyanogen just keep rolling and rolling. Over the last few days Cyanogen has released at least 3 updates.  Does he ever sleep.  The latest release, as of this posting, is which now includes the Global Search functionality from the Donut branch.

Start typing in the search box on your phone and up pops a list of everything on your phone and the internet containing the text you entered.  It’s appears to work nicely on the version I have been testing with only some minor quirks when your in landscape mode.

This release is still part of the experimental releases from Cyanogen but I’m sure a stable version 4.0 is just around the corner.  Head over to Cyanogen’s AndroidStory homepage and download it now.


Cyanogen Global Search Screen Shot