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  • 19 August, 2009

Cyanogen Still Working on Donut

Cyanogen is still plowing ahead on the Donut build for the Dream / G1 and I guess the MyTouch3G as well now.  Apparently he now has the mobile data connection working.  Does this mean we will see a sepereate Donut release or extra Donut features into the already awesome v4.x release series?

Pesonally, I can’t wait to find out what’s coming next.  It really doesn’t matter what T-Mobile decide to do with the support for the G1 as long as we have developers like Cyanogen and the rest of the bunch coding for the Android community.  How come they can continually enhance the Android OS way above the T-Mobile standard feature set and not have any problems?  I guess apps2sd helps :)  Come on T-Mobile….You can do it!

Don’t forget you can always buy any of them a beer anytime you like!

Keep up the awesome work Cyanogen!