Dell’s first phone coming to AT&T in 2010 and running Android

Android launched in 2008 with the G1 exclusively on the T-Mobile network followed by the MyTouch. A few months later, a US version of the HTC Hero appeared on Sprint. Verizon joined the party with the Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Eris in late 2009 leaving AT&T as the only major US carrier without an Android offering. That is about to change.

According to AT&T’s website, Android phones will be sharing the AT&T airwaves with the iPhone in 2010.

AT&T will launch a new lineup of Android-based operating system smartphone devices in the first half of 2010 including:

  1. Motorola’s unique form factor smartphone
  2. Dell’s first smartphone
  3. New HTC smartphone

The announcement tells of the impending arrival of not a single Android device but rather a variety of devices from the top manufacturers. Perhaps more interesting is a confirmation that Dell will be shipping an Android based smartphone on AT&T in 2010. There have long been rumors that Dell is working on developing a smartphone and there has been some speculation that the eventual device might run Android. It seems those rumors were well founded.