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  • 26 September, 2009

Drizzy’s Blur Hero v1 Released

Drizzy has released a new Hero ROM called Blur Hero.  Don’t know much about this new ROM but you can read the changelog here:

 blur-hero-V1.0: (continued from 1.5.5)
: added global time also changed the icon
: added blur ringtones
: added better terminal apk
: gps works
: added louder volume hack
: my missing lockscreen HD flower
: this is a hero rom(with blur stuff in it)
: added blur drawables(i will fix the ones that dont show later today)
: added blur animations
: some fixes
: linux-swap by default
: rosie rotates but no landscape
: add blur wallpapers
: added blur quick office(looks way better)
: choppy issues on rosie should be gone
: Overclock can now be used
: drizzy kernel
: has new look kinda everywhere you just have to explore!
more stuff will be added!!

Then head over to Drizzy’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage for more info and downloads