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  • 28 August, 2009

Enomther becomes the master of Themes!

Enomther already has a great selection of ROMs in his “TheOfficial…” series of ROMs and now he has provided an excellent selection of themes to go with them.

Enomther has become the master of themes.  He’s been extermely busy converting a whole slew of themes to work with his “TheOfficial…” series of ROMs.

His AndroidStory Developer Homepage will be updated shortly to include all the required links and information.  I’ll keep you posted to his progess!

UPDATE: OK Guys. He’s done already. Head over to his AndroidStory Developer Homepage now to grab some theme goodness.

Here an excerpt taken directly from his XDA thread!

Alright everyone,

I’ve posted several theme additions recently, to summarize …

– Moonspoon’s GlossSuite theme
– MannyB’s RustyMetal theme
– sir*mez’s PrOdigal_SuN (Manup original) 6 color themes (another one on the way soon) …
– Prash’s (very nice) SystemForce3.0.2.2 theme
– jonnybueno’s SmorgWhite theme
– RichieDaze’s TheMystical theme

Almost all of the above now have CRC1-US. CRC37-EU and ADP-CRC1 versions.

Also, I have posted Cyanogen Pre-Themed Launcher installers for each.

I hope all enjoys. Feedback appreciated. I took time off of devel to make sure everyone got some theme choices. So please show some love and let me and the original artists know that you appreciate this work.