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  • 17 September, 2009

Enomther Rogers v1.8.2 Released (fully odex’d)

Enomther has released v1.8.2 of his “TheOfficial” Rogers ROM.  The new version is now fully odex’d and the speed improvement is immediately noticeable.

If you haven’t tried one of Enomther’s excellent ROMs or just want to upgrade from one of his existing ones, head over the Enomther’s AndroidStory Developers Homepage and download this blazingly fast release now.

You’ll also find his updated Hero Theme released simultaneously for this ROM.

– added – Irrenhuas/Rogro82’s Advanced Launcher – Rogers Themed – fast/multiple-homescreens/auto-rotate/(5×4/6×3) app drawer/sub-folders/etc
– added – rgv151’s MMS app as default (simply better/stable)
– added – Loccy’s BetterBrowser as default (simply better)
– added – fully odex’d system framework and apps (for more speed! and quicker boot times)
– added – cute android HTC boot animation
– added – PID priotization from miketaylor’s script (speedup phone ringtimes, music performance and media boost)
– added – option to disable PID priotization in expsetup
– removed – Resource Installer in expsetup (As those nice apps are built-in now )
– removed – CIME libs – as these come with the CIME vsapp
– fixed – expansion pack version (to easy ROM switching between TheOfficial TMO/ADP/Rogers builds)
– updated – TheOfficial HERO Rogers Theme to v3 (to be compat with this build)
—- Finally – This was the “theming” base we we’re waiting for, now we can get some themes going