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  • 29 August, 2009

Enomther ROMs: Very fast, Very smooth

I’ve been a long time supporter of Cyanogen’s ROMs and installed just about every release that’s come around.  I got so engrained that I became lazy and blinkered to other releases.  Recently I’ve been following the Enomther Thread on XDA and started getting anxious to try it.  Well tonight I gave in and decided to see what people where talking about.

So far this ROM is looking and working VERY smooth.
I must say that this ROM so far appears to be faster and smoother than Cyanogens latest.
I’m fine with the look as it is. Don’t start adding all the features that will only end up slowing you down.
I have Apps2sd on a class 4 card and it all works nicely.
If you want a good stock rooted ROM you can’t go wrong here.
Keep up the awesome work Enomther. I’m impressed.
….You get the AndroidStory Seal of Approval….
For more information and direct downloads, head over to Enomther’s AndroidStory Developer Homepage.